5 Tips To Get The Designer Bedding Look
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5 Simple Steps for the Look of Designer Bedding

Ever see unique bedding in a magazine and think, “Why doesn’t mine look like that?” Don’t worry! There may not be an app for that, but there’s certainly a solution to evolve your bedroom design. Check out my five simple steps to achieve the look of designer bedding below.

Plan for the Look of Designer Bedding.

Before you start shopping for new bedding, it’s important to do a little “online research” and find images you love. After all, you’re not just shopping for new bedding—you’re shopping for a look. Make a Pinterest board, or better yet, a mood board. Once you’ve got a clear idea of what look you’re going for, it will be easier to replicate. And if you want to shop like a stylist, here’s a tip: buy multiple options. Interior designers buy a variety of pillows, throws, and coverlets, take them to a client’s home, and then decide what works best when they’re all laid out. Give yourself the freedom to play.

Quality over quantity.Erinn

You really don’t need half a dozen sheet sets or multiple duvet covers in a variety of colors and patterns—just invest in one quality set that you absolutely love. This is definitely one area to splurge. I love Macy’s Hotel Collection when searching for sheets. It’s almost always on sale, but the quality is incredible and the sheets last for a really long time. If you want the look of designer bedding, you need to start with a designer-quality foundation.

Don’t get boxed in.

I’d never buy a complete bedding set from the same line. It’s just too expected. Maybe I’ll get a duvet with matching shams, but then pull a coverlet and sheets from other collections. Though it’s tempting to go for the “bed in a bag” approach, layering your bedding with products from a mix of collections is one of the best ways to get that designer look for your bedroom interior.

Gable Oak Planks – Envique™ Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

Gable Oak Planks – Envique™ Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

Cool Down the Color.

Let’s face it—you’re not going to see a crazy floral bed in the pages of Elle Décor or House Beautiful. When designing your bedroom interior, skip the bold patterns and opt for neutrals to attain the look of designer bedding. If you’re going for a high-end look, opt for soft, cool neutrals, which are always sophisticated and stylish. I personally like a light-color bed because it’s refreshing and can give any bedroom a sexy loft feel. If you’re not the all-white type, try a dusty blue or icy gray sheet set. Cool colors keep the bedroom looking peaceful and serene.

Pillow Talk.

Pillows are an important part of the designer bedding equation, but they’re also a personal preference. Are you going to make the bed with 18 pillows every morning? Then go for it. Piles of pillows look great. But be truthful with yourself. If you’re more of a minimalist (like me), just go for two shams, or a couple of king shams with a big Euro in the middle to mix it up. A nicely-made bed enhances the look of any designer bedding, so choose finishing touches that will be easy to keep up with.

– Erinn

Erinn ValencichErinn Valencich is known for her unique style has designed homes for numerous celebrities around the globe. In addition to her interior design business, she has introduced her own line of furniture and blogs at Erinn V Style. She has hosted a number of specials for HGTV and appeared as a contestant on NBC’s American Dream Builders. Erin’s designs have been featured in leading design publications, including Élle Décor, Town & Country, House Beautiful and Better Homes and Garden.

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