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Does Rustic Flooring work well with Minimalist Décor?

Minimalism and rustic flooring. Two popular interior design trends — but do they go together? “Yes definitely,” says LA-based interior designer, Erinn Valencich. “Distressed laminate floors can be the perfect foil for a sleek white wall or clean metal furniture.”

Minimalism is very popular this spring.“We’re seeing clean lines and more focused palettes,” said Valencich. This minimalistic resurgence is structural and dramatic, but with a combination of materials that seem much more accessible, such as warming textures and finishes.

Tranquil Oak Planks – Elevae™ Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

Tranquil Oak Planks – Elevae™ Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

Rustic Flooring and Minimalism

Reclaimed and distressed laminate floors can do amazing things when paired with minimalistic décor. Muted and neutral wood laminate works well as an earthy foundation, and the texture adds warmth to the space. Floors with newer matte finishes are absolutely beautiful with the simple style.

Summer Pine - Envique Collection, Laminate Floors by Quick•Step

Summer Pine Planks – Envique™ Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

The Ceruse Look

Ceruse oak laminate looks can be extremely elegant when paired with minimalistaccents. Ceruse is a French technique for finishing wood to create a unique character. To achieve the look, craftsmen stain the wood surface darker and paint over the grain with white or grey paint, which results in a highly accentuated grain. Ceruse looks increased in popularity a few years ago and are now found in floors, furniture and accessories. Quick•Step offers a number of distressed and ceruse looks in the Elevae™ and Reclaimé™ collections.

If you’re interested in taking a more minimalistic approach to your home décor, you’ll find that rustic flooring can make a dramatic difference. Within Quick•Step’s collection of rustic floors, you’ll find a variety of rich looks, ranging from smooth to wire-brushed to natural.

The look of distressed wood adds a vintage element to your flooring design. | Quick•Step Style Blog

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