There is a huge movement within the flooring industry toward more authentic looking, vintage flooring. It’s a look that’s makes a bold statement and the reason it’s popular isn’t hard to see: It’s gorgeous!
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Vintage Floors. Or Not.

There is a huge movement within the flooring industry toward more authentic looking, vintage flooring. It’s a look that’s makes a bold statement and the reason it’s popular isn’t hard to see: It’s gorgeous!

Rustic and vintage flooring conjures so many feelings. It’s rich and refined. It’s aged and established. It’s traditional yet versatile. The vintage look gives any room a feeling of elegance. Some older, rustic flooring often features long, wide planks — some up to 84 inches in length. While others feature planks of multiple widths in one room. Each of these looks creates the feeling of true craftsman floors.

Tree Swing Oak Elonge

Tree Swing Oak, Elongé™ Collection, Engineered Hardwood, Q•Wood by Quick•Step

You can refinish your original hardwood floor …
Many people are fortunate enough to be the owner of genuinely aged old-growth wood floors. And they are spectacular. There’s no denying it.

These floors can be sanded and re-stained to bring them back to life when the wear and tear dulls the look of the room. For the few in the position to make this choice, it could be the right one. However … there’s one major thing that a sanded and re-stained floor can lack: durability.

You can get the look with beautiful prefinished floors …
Today’s laminate and engineered hardwood floors arrive ready for installation with perfect finishes optimized for stain- and scratch-resistance. These factory-applied finishes simply cannot be replicated in the field, which means the re-finished floors will never match their durability.

But laminate flooring and engineered hardwood flooring CAN replicate the look and feel of vintage flooring!

Elevae™ Laminate Flooring
With the Elevae Collection, Quick•Step® brings a premium laminate floor to the market with designs inspired by the look of European oak and pine weathered by time and the elements. These 12mm thick planks are very substantial, with both the look and feel of real wood.

The Elevae planks come in lengths of 54 inches and are 6 inches wide, recreating the nostalgic flooring looks of the past: long, wide and luxuriant.

Envique Gable Oak Planks

Gable Oak Planks – Envique™ Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

white wash oak

White Wash Oak Planks – Reclaimé™ Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

Elongé ™ Engineered Hardwood
In the Elongé Collection, by Q•Wood™, homeowners can get the best of both worlds. As an engineered hardwood, the product is more stable and can be installed in a variety of climates, and the Opulux™ Performance Enhanced Finish helps the floor resist stains, scuffs, and microscratches; but has a top layer that is real wood.

Elongé planks offer the kind of rustic surface details that are so hot right now. Wire-brushing … hand-scraping … and a gorgeous matte finish.

Plus, Elongé planks are LOOOONNNGGGGG! The planks vary in lengths up to 72 inches long. That’s six feet! This randomness creates a floor with movement and interest. The kind of floors that look and feel like they’ve been a part of the home over time.

Finally, just like the flooring that came out of lumber mills long ago, Elongé floors give you the option of wider or variable widths. Some of the selection in the collection feature planks 7 inches wide, while others feature boards of 4, 6 and 8 inch widths, allowing you to create a room with a true custom feel.

There are more options!
In addition to traditional rustic planks, Quick•Step offers other designs to achieve your look.

Charred surfaces can create an interesting look. Charring was originally used by Japanese artisans to toughen and waterproof wood by creating a partially burned surface. Quick•Step’s Envique™ Collection recreates the look and feel of charred wood with Tuxedo Pine. By utilizing a contemporary deep texturing process that emphasizes the texture while adding a superb surface finish to eliminate wear and tear, homeowners can now bring the charred look to their own homes.

Painted surfaces are another way to achieve a vintage look and are equally popular right now. The new Bridal Pine floor, also part of the Envique collection, combines the charred texture of Tuxedo Pine with a bright white finish.

Make it your own!
There are so many options available to you. The most important thing is to choose the floor that makes the most sense for your home, your lifestyle, and your sense of design.

And then have fun! Accessorize with interesting pieces, paint your walls with accent colors that make your floors sizzle, and choose furniture you love.

Visit today to see even more great flooring options.

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