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Laminate Floors Transitions: what do I use?

A big part of floor installation is the finishing touches. Especially when you’re installing a new floor in one room of the home and connecting it to another type of flooring like carpet or tile. Whether you’re installing the floor yourself or working with an installer, you’ll want to ask your retailer for Incizo® 5-in-1 molding that coordinates with the color of your floor.

With INCIZO® technology, one molding easily transforms into different applications simply by using the cutting tool.

It is not an exaggeration to call the Incizo 5-in-1 molding the Swiss Army Knife of molding. This one piece of molding easily transforms into multiple different applications simply by using the cutting tool and the appropriate profile.

Like the original Swiss Army knife, the Incizo technology appears to have limitless uses. And, like the original, it’s built with quality in mind.

  • Easy installation. The various installation profiles (expansion, adapter, end) are so easy to use it literally makes the transition between two surfaces a snap.
  • Less waste. You cut the profile to fit your needs, so there’s less waste.
  • No seams. Competitors’ multi-use profiles come with unsightly seams. Not the Incizo molding.
  • A perfect match. The color and surface textures coordinate beautifully with our floor designs.
  • Durable. The surface of the Incizo molding has superior wear and scratch resistance, and the tough MDF core provides excellent moisture resistance.
  • Identical warranty. We make it easy: the Incizo molding you use always has the same warrant as your Quick•Step floor.


Whether you’re connecting two different flooring types or need to connect two sections of Quick•Step floor of equal height, the T-molding application is the right choice.

One typical application is when you are installing a Quick•Step laminate floor longer or wider than 40 feet. After 40 feet an expansion gap is required. The expansion profile covers this gap.

To create the T-molding use the cutting tool to pare off everything but the middle channel. The T-molding that results fits perfectly into the expansion profile.

Quick•Step Laminate Floor Transitions: T-MOLDING (EXPANSION PROFILE) connects two sections of Quick•Step® floor of equal height.



When transitioning to a floor of a lower height — like a tile or resilient flooring — the Incizo molding provides a smooth transition. Use the cutting tool to remove one side of the molding. Snap the center of the piece into the center channel of the adapter profile while leaving the intact angle to contact the lower surface.

Quick•Step Laminate Floor Transitions: HARD SURFACE REDUCER (ADAPTOR PROFILE) provides a smooth transition from a Quick•Step® floor to a floor of a lower height, such as tile or a resilient flooring.



To create a transition from Quick•Step flooring to carpet, you’ll need to use the cutting tool to cut off the angled edge of the Incizo molding. Then using the end profile, align the narrow side with the flooring and the blunt end butting into the carpet

.Quick•Step Laminate Floor Transitions: CARPET REDUCER (END PROFILE) creates a transition from Quick•Step® floor to carpet.



When finishing your Quick•Step floor at a doorway, fireplace mantel or wall, you can use the Incizo molding with the blunt edge toward the wall or doorway. Use the cutting tool to remove the angled edge. Snap it into the end profile and the transition is complete.

 Quick•Step Laminate Floor Transitions: SQUARE NOSE (END PROFILE) finishes Quick•Step® floor at a doorway, fireplace mantel or wall.



Finally, Incizo 5-in-1 technology can be used to complete your laminate stair installation. Check out this video for detailed instructions on installing laminate stairs and finishing them with the Incizo molding.

The molding can be cut to work as either a top step transition piece — overlapping onto your laminate floor or the next step — or it can be used as a flush-mounted stairnose.

Quick•Step Laminate Floor Transitions: INCIZO® 5-IN-1 STAIRNOSE. Our INCIZO® 5-in-1 technology provides both flushmount and overlap applications to complete your laminate stair installation.

Easy. Durable. Beautiful.
It’s the Swiss Army Knife of molding! Five applications, one product.

And each application is not only easy to do and extremely durable, they all help make your Quick•Step floor even more beautiful … giving it those finishing details that make all the difference.

Find the Incizo 5-in-1 Molding and all our other great finishing products at

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