Why I chose laminate flooring
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RoomUP: Classy Clutter – Why I chose laminate flooring

Hello! I’m Mallory from the DIY and Home Improvement blog, Classy Clutter. My blog partner, Savannah and I started Classy Clutter in 2010 and it has become our little corner of the internet where we share DIY tutorials, decorating ideas, organizing tips and the occasional craft or recipe. We have recently both become home owners and have started dipping our toes into home renovation. We’re excited to be part of the RoomUP Blogger Challenge to transform a space with our favorite Quick•Step flooring!

RoomUP Blogger Challenge: Classy Clutter

When I purchased my house, I quickly realized the potential that our garage had. We have a 3-car garage and the “third car” spot is separated by a wall to the main garage. It has a door connecting the two, a door to my backyard and a window. I decided on our first walk through, before the house was even ours, that I would convert it to my office. It was perfect! I wanted a separate space from the house to be able to work and I wanted the space to feel like “me”.

We removed the garage tracks and put up a wall to cover and insulate the garage door. From the outside it looks like a normal garage.

BEFORE - Garage to Office Space Makeover - Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge: Classy Clutter

Next, we needed to address the flooring. It had very old, dirty carpet which helped it feel more like a room versus a garage but it still didn’t feel like a fresh and inspiring place. Carpet is just not my favorite to begin with. I thought long and hard and researched which flooring would be best for our garage to office conversion and a quality laminate flooring was the winner, by a long shot. I chose laminate over carpet, tile, concrete, etc. for several reasons.


High quality laminate flooring, like the Quick•Step laminate flooring I chose is stain resistant, fade resistant and even water resistant! What if it floods, since it is an exterior wall on a few sides? If it does get slightly wet due to a flood, its easy to repair a section unlike carpet or tile. I considered all of these things. It has a lifetime warranty for residential use. Perfect for me! Since I knew that it would get a lot of use in my home office, it had to be durable.

Why I chose laminate flooring - Classy Clutter - Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge


When installing in a converted garage, you have to consider a few things. What if I want the garage back some day? What if we sell our home and the new owners want it to be a garage instead of a living space?  Tile was not an obvious choice since it would be a HUGE pain to remove if we ever did want to use the space as a garage again. Since laminate floors are floating floors, that means they are not glued or nailed to a plywood subfloor, cement or concrete making them easy to remove. The fact that the laminate flooring is very, very easily removable if we ever change our minds, which I don’t anticipate at this time, it made it the smart choice for long term use in our home.

Quick•Step’s Uniclic technology would make installation a breeze - RoomUP Blogger Challenge: Classy Clutter


Installation was definitely a deciding factor when choosing, not only which flooring, but which brand of flooring we would ultimately pick for our project. After reading a lot of info and watching some installation videos, it was obvious that Quick•Step’s Uniclic technology would make installation a breeze!

DIY Garage conversion to Office Makeover - Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge: Classy Clutter


The final reason I chose Quick•Step laminate flooring is that I really wanted very light, almost white floors. White floors are stunning and allow your furniture and decor to stand out. Read all about why white floors are making a comeback here. Quick•Step had several very light and even white flooring options to choose from. I chose White Wash Oak Planks from the Reclaimé collection. This was my favorite color and style choice because I plan to do a bold, jewel tone color palette with vibrant pieces and gold metallic accents. The White Wash Oak Planks pair perfectly. If you’re having trouble choosing, try Quick•Step’s Style My Floor App! It will help you visualize and decide exactly what you need for your home.

I am so excited to share the Before and After here in a couple days! Until then, be sure to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes going on now! Quick•Step is giving you a chance to win up to 500 square feet of FREE flooring for your home. My room was only 200 square feet and made a HUGE difference in my home! I can only imagine what you could do with 500 square feet! 

There are also three other bloggers who are transforming their own spaces with their favorite Quick•Step flooring. Be sure to follow along for the next couple months to see what everyone is up to! Don’t forget to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes now!

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