Garage to Office Makeover with Quick•Step laminate flooring
Quick•Step Highlights RoomUP Blogger Challenge

RoomUP: Classy Clutter – How to keep your laminate floors looking great

Hello! I’m Mallory from the DIY and Home Improvement blog, Classy Clutter. My blog partner, Savannah and I started Classy Clutter in 2010 and it has become our little corner of the internet where we share DIY tutorials, decorating ideas, organizing tips and the occasional craft or recipe. We have recently both become home owners and have started dipping our toes into home renovation. We’re excited to be part of the RoomUP Blogger Challenge to transform a space with our favorite Quick•Step flooring!

RoomUP Blogger Challenge: Classy Clutter

I’m so excited to share my new Quick•Step laminate floors with you today! You can check out why I chose laminate flooring for my garage to office conversion project here.

I enclosed my garage by removing the tracks and building a partition wall to insulate the garage and hide the garage door. I installed Quick•Step White Wash Oak Planks from the Reclaimé collection!


Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge: Classy Clutter Before 1

Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge: Classy Clutter Before 2


Garage to Office Makeover - Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge


Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge - Classy Clutter


Quick•Step's White Wash Oak Planks featured in Garage to Office Makeover

I am completely, head over heels in love with how my new laminate flooring looks in my new office! I’m going to share some tips and tricks to keep your floors looking brand new. Nothing feels better than brand new floors so let’s learn how to keep them that way!

Quick•Step White Wash Oak Planks - Modern Laminate Flooring

1. Use area rugs to protect floors –  Let’s face it, flooring can be a relatively expensive investment and it’s definitely one you want to protect. My favorite way to protect my floors is to pick an area rug in high traffic areas or beneath heavy furniture to protect them. They add style, color and texture to your space and protect your beautiful new floors!

2. Use furniture pads under heavy furniture. I like felt pads on table or sofa legs to cushion the hard surface. Hard, heavy surface against hard surface can lead to scratched floors.

3. Always use furniture movers or ask for help when moving heavy items and furniture across the floors. It can be tempting to just slide furniture or heavy items across the slick floor instead of lifting them but this can cause scratches and other damage to your floors and your furniture or other items. It’s also great for your back too!

Keep floors looking great with Performance Accessories

Keep laminate floors looking great!

4. Keep floors clean – use dust mop to clean dry dirt and debris as they can cause scratches. Always, wipe up spills quickly. If you spill something other than water, make sure to spray a Hard Surface cleaner on a dry, soft cloth to wipe up any sticky residue left over. Get more floor cleaning tips here.

How to keep your laminate floors looking great

5. Routinely clean floors with Performance Accessories Hard Surface Cleaner. Be sure not to use any oil, soap or detergent cleaners.

How to keep your laminate floors looking great

For questions and more info on keeping floors maintained, clean and looking new, be sure to check out Quick•Step’s Maintenance Instructions. They even have a chart for tricky messes!

Be sure to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes going on now! Quick•Step is giving you a chance to win up to 500 square feet of FREE flooring for your home. They have styles and options for every home so head over and enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes now! There are also 3 other bloggers who are transforming their own spaces with their favorite Quick•Step flooring. Follow the Quick•Step RoomUP Blogger Challenge for the next couple months to see what everyone is up to!


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