Floor Shopping Quick·Step® Spotlight

When it comes to laminate floors, think green.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Recover, Renew. It’s an ongoing trend across most industries, why should your flooring be any different? “Green,” or responsibly sourced, flooring allows you to enjoy the luxurious look of exotic wood without ever having to worry about harming our natural forests. And Quick•Step flooring is designed to be recycled, so your floor can still help the environment long after you’ve finished with it.

Locking System doesn’t need harmful adhesives

The patented Uniclic® locking system eliminates the need for adhesives, like glue, that can introduce harmful VOCs, which is better for both the environment and for your home.

Made from recycled wood

Quick•Step provides green flooring without sacrificing style. Our floors are made from 70% pre-consumer recycled wood and all from sustainable sources. So your home can have the beauty of unique and exotic wood floors without ever harming an exotic tree.

Green Flooring

When you’re done, it’s recycled again!

Quick•Step laminate floors are reusable and recyclable. Any rejected product at Quick•Step is sent back to the chipboard factory to be reintegrated or reused by a third party. And you never have to worry about how to dispose of your Quick•Step laminate floors when you want to renovate your home. Our floors are easy to remove and recycle thanks to the click lock system. Simply unclick the planks and put them in your nearest wood recycling bin. It’s the easiest way to be eco-friendly.

Having the look of wood floors doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or sustainability. Quick•Step makes it easy to have both beautiful floors and a sustainable environment. So be trendy and opt for green flooring! Recycling and reusing is the most stylish thing you can do for your home.

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