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Tired Walls? Accent them with Laminate Planks!

Whether it’s a bedroom, living room or bathroom, accent walls are becoming one of the most unique trends in interior design. They can pull a room together with color, texture or even patterns.  Accent walls can highlight architectural features in your home like a bay window, and they can bring out your chaise lounge or wall art. They can be bold or subtle. You can use wallpaper, paint, wood or laminate planks for an accent wall. You can create a contemporary look for your kitchen or a rustic design for your den. They’re easy, fun to create and give you the freedom to design exactly what you feel!

Color is the First Step

Color is everything. You’ll want a defined color palette that allows your accent wall to stand out. Your palette should have two main tones and a hint of a third color. If you pick two fairly neutral colors, pick a bolder third color that will add some flair to the space.

Colors create an ambience, so ask yourself what you want to achieve in the room. Do you want to open it up? Invite others in? Warm colors provide a comfortable, inviting area while pale, cool tones open up smaller spaces and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Colors will define the feeling in a room; don’t be afraid to be bold. Deep blue is great for a smaller laundry room. It creates a striking contrast and adds a pop of color to something that might otherwise be a boring space.

Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or a bathroom, accent walls are becoming one of the most unique trends in interior design. They can pull a room together with color, texture, even patterns. | Quick•Step Style Blog

Use Your Eyes

Where is your eye drawn? When you come into the room, where does your eye go naturally? The fireplace? The bed? Your eyes will tell you where you might want your accent wall. It can be used to highlight key features in your home and also to open up spaces. An accent wall by the stairway or the fireplace can be perfect to give depth to the area. It draws your attention to an architectural feature, making the room seem more alive. Let the furniture guide you. Don’t be afraid to design around your favorite sofa or artwork to add your personality to the space.

The wall by the headboard of a bed is a great accent wall. It anchors the furniture and draws the eye to the main furniture piece. Create a color palette from a sofa or painting and start designing, featuring the piece as the focal point. You can even use textured accent walls to compliment fabrics and shapes of your furniture.

Patterns can Tie it All Together

Wallpaper and wood panels are back in style and perfect for a bold accent to any room. Texture and patterns can help tie everything together. A striking patterned wallpaper can give a contemporary vibe to a neutral room. And it can complement solid color furniture or throw pillows. Wood panels can bring warmth to a living room or a homey feel to a master bedroom. You can have that “rustic cabin” feel every night. So don’t be afraid to be creative with colors and texture. It can add dimensionality to your room.

Tired Walls? Accent them with Laminate Planks! | Quick•Step Style Blog

Laminate Planks Make Great Accents!

If it’s the warmth of wood that you’re after, Quick•Step® laminate planks create a truly authentic wood  look for less time and money. With the patented Uniclic® locking system, the planks click together securely making them easy to install on a vertical wall. In fact, it’s an easy project for a DIY weekend.

Choose one of the reclaimed wood looks in the Reclaimé Collection for a more rustic asethetic or for something more refined try the Maison Oak planks in the Envique Collection. No matter what style you choose, you’ll find that an accent wall will make your room

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