Laminate flooring underlayment
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Underlayment makes laminate floors better

When selecting a laminate floor, there are many things you think about. Color. Plank width. Wood species. Texture. Surface treatment. And more. One thing many people may neglect to consider is underlayment. And that’s a mistake.

Underlayment is critical to helping your floors achieve their highest performance. A good underlayment offers unique sound benefits, creating a more authentic sound when people walk across them (or drop things). It increases the overall moisture protection offered by the laminate flooring. It provides increased thermal insulation. And it helps to smooth out minor imperfections in the subfloor to minimize low or high spots.

The Quick•Step® laminate accessories brand, Performance Accessories, has four quality underlayment options designed to protect your flooring investment.

This quality underlayment offers unbeatable sound quality plus an extra-thick moisture barrier.

Premium Underlayment

For the absolute best performing option, choose the Performance Accessories Premium Underlayment. It offers unbeatable sound ratings, high foam density and an extra thick moisture barrier.

Performance Accessories Premium Underlayment reduces noise levels both within and below a room, helping to eliminate hollow sounds and noisy floors. The extra thick pad protects the floors from moisture and vapor damage, which means you can even install laminate floors over concrete. And it protects the structural stability of your floor by preventing sagging and buckling.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Quick•Step product if it wasn’t easy to install. Fast and easy is always our goal, and with the attached lip and tape system, Performance Accessories Premium Underlayment goes down quickly — with no additional products required.

Want an even more stress-free underlayment installation? Try the Performance Accessories Premium Fanfold Underlayment. This product has all the great qualities of the Premium Underlayment roll with the added quickness and ease of a fanfold format. Simply unfold the underlayment and seal using the pre-attached lip and tape system, you’ll have your underlayment installed in no time.

Performance Accessories RealSound™ Advanced Underlayment

The patented Performance Accessories RealSound Advanced Underlayment is a perfect combination of performance and value and is an excellent choice for those trying to reduce noise. Its thick pad and closed cell technology helps reduce noise both in the room and in the room below.

The moisture protection in this product is consistent today’s stringent building regulations, plus, it’s inorganic so there’s no need to worry about the growth of mold and mildew.

And, like the premium option, RealSound Advanced underlayment installs easily with the attached lip and tape system.

Value Underlayment

If sound performance is not as important to you, the Performance Accessories Value Underlayment is a great, cost-conscious solution. You get basic sound performance paired with a quality moisture protection layer.

The moisture layer will protect against moisture and vapor seeping through concrete — so you can install your laminate floor on the basement level if you choose — and will also resist mold and mildew.

This option will also protect the structural stability of your floor to prevent sagging or buckling while providing increased thermal insulation.

Quick•Step flooring options

Choose one, not none

Whichever your choice, make sure that you use an underlayment. For all Quick•Step floors with the Uniclic® Locking System, an underlayment is required to maintain the product warranty. And it’s a great warranty! So make sure you take the necessary steps to keep your flooring protected.

But why wouldn’t you? Underlayment helps make your floors even better. It’s like the sauce on French cooking, turning great floors into amazing ones. And Quick•Step has four great choices. So make one! Your floor will thank you.

To learn more, visit To purchase Performance Accessories underlayment, contact your local Quick•Step dealer.

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