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Make Way for Matte

Here’s something designers see all the time—furnishing trends follow fashion trends, and flooring trends follow furnishing trends. Case in point: matte finishes. Just as jewelry trends are moving towards hammered materials and flat metallics, we’re seeing less shine (and more matte) in furniture and flooring.

I love flat finishes for a number of reasons. Shiny surfaces don’t show their true character—there’s too much distraction. But with a matte finish, you see the true color and texture of the material. There’s also more of a warm, natural glow to matte finishes when compared to highly reflective surfaces.

I also like that there are some really easy ways to work this trend into your space. Here’s how to do it.


Benjamin Moore - Simply White, Matte Paint

Benjamin Moore – Simply White

If you want an instant update, paint over those semi-gloss walls and go for a flat finish instead. It will warm up the space and give it a more current look. Flat finishes make everything look better (and hide so many flaws), especially on ceilings. Matte paint is much more forgiving, as glossy surfaces are more likely to highlight ripples.

You can also opt for a semi-gloss or satin paint for the trim. This is a much more elegant finish, and with less contrast between the highs and lows, the overall look of the room becomes much more subtle.


Matte flooring is really easy to live with. It’s family-friendly, forgiving, and generally low-maintenance. It also has so much character—the color and texture is much more noticeable, giving your room a rich look instead of glare. You can replace your shiny flooring with tumbled stone tiles or a laminate with a matte finish like the Quick•Step Envique and Reclaime collections.

Gable Oak Planks - Envique Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

Gable Oak Planks – Envique Collection, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

Veranda Oak Planks - Reclaimé™ Collection, Laminate Flooring Quick•Step

Veranda Oak Planks – Reclaimé™ Collection, Laminate Flooring Quick•Step


Judy Jackson Vase Set by West Elm

Judy Jackson Vase Set by West Elm

One of the easiest ways to work the matte finish trend into your living space is with accessories. Think matte ceramic vases, handmade dinnerware, and flat metallic frames and candle holders. With items like these, there’s no glare. Instead of seeing highlights, your eyes follow the lines of the object and take in all the detail.

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